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Vanfest 2016 is fast approaching (less than a week, folks) and that means it’s time to get serious about what you’re going to wear. If you leave it to Friday to choose your outfit, you’ve left it too late.

If you’re unsure of what looks best on you, or you just want to be the world’s best groupie, then here’s some inspo from some of our fave artists who are due to hit the stage.


If you want to get your hip-hop on, Urthboy’s your man.

Photo by Averie Ann Cole – sourced from Facebook

Urthboy keeps his look pretty simple, combining the basics to form his own style.  Get the look below.


1. O’Neill black cap – $29.99

2. Stussy plain white tee – $49.99

3. Wrangler jeans with rolled cuffs – $149.99

4. Converse High Tops – $120


Mashd N Kutcher

Australian DJs Mashd N Kutcher, comprised of duo Matt Minor and Andy Kutcher, just ooze classic sophistication.


To replicate their look, you’ve gotta be ultra cool – and try adding a little bit of white to your all black getup.


1. The much-needed white detail – OTIS sunglasses – $189.99

2. Rusty button up black shirt – $69.99

3. Abrand black pants – $129.99

4. Black leather Converse – always in style! – $120


Dead Letter Circus

The band of 5 guys from Brisbane deliver a powerful alternative rock.


A lot of black, a touch of leather, and here you go, your rock inspired look. .


1. Vans Hat – $39.99

2. Von Zipper Tee – $49.99

3. Leather belt from Rusty – $19.99

4. Lee Jeans – $149.99

5. Kustom shoes – $79.99



Angus & Julia

This brother and sister duo have won many awards with their folk and indie-pop music.


Guys, get inspired with Angus’ simple look. Girls, Julia is the epitome of boho, with her soft, natural style.


1. Assembly Label jean shirt $89.99                                               1. O’neil hat $39.99

2. Industrie Tee $39.99                                                                     2. Minkpink jumpsuit $99.99

3. Abrand Jeans $119.99                                                                   3. Billini flats $49.99

4. Kustom shoes $89.99



Vera Blue

First a Folk singer, Vera Blue is now mixing electronic sound to her music, giving her a unique place in Australia’s music scene.


Let’s get inspired by Vera Blue’s love of black lace.


1. SASS black laces shirt with long back  $79.99

2. Therapy high heel boots  $89.99

3. simple black Minkpink shorts  $79.99


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